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Guys i'm so happy because i will go to Cancun with the Flirt Summit, i feel so greatful with your support, for visit me everyday, for make me feel so motivated in my transmition, for make my laught and of course for make me moan!!! All your support was be very important for be now in this position in the plataform and all of this make that i have a great reward: I WILL GO TO CANCUN WITH FLIRT SUMMIT!!! Thank u so much guys i promise i will take a lot of pictures for you...
Thank you for being present! Date: Apr 19th @ 2:47pm EDT
I want to thank all of you guys, for helping me make me happy and make me feel special .. I want each one of the moments that we have together you enjoy them to the maximum have patience with my English and do not hesitate to write me your requirements to give the best of me!
A strange but exciting feeling (K) Date: Feb 20th @ 12:31am EST
The other day I was in a tattoo shop, I wanted to get a touch-up since I want to do the whole arm, I was waiting for my usual tattoo artist but he had a problem and could not attend so he told me that he could pass with his partner since with pleasure I would finish the necessary touch-ups, I agreed and at that moment there was simply a lot of gaze crossing, normally I don't feel any attraction to women but for some reason I felt that that moment was unique and different, I began to feel that I liked the fact that she looked at me She made me feel that she was attracted to her by the way she did it, after 3 days and a couple of sessions she approached me and told me that she wanted my number and maybe get to know us a little more, I just thought âI can't believe what is happening âso with great curiosity and a little shyness I gave it to her and we started talking, we have met once and certainly since then I have thought a lot about her, I think about what could happen if we are together once more ( maybe somewhere alone) and at the same time I feel like I really want to explore that part of me, since the simple fact that she writes to me makes me wet and want to know more ...
My First Day in Flirt4Free♥ Date: Jan 29th @ 4:35pm EST
Welcome everyone to my profile, I am a dreamer woman, with great qualities, sexy, affectionate, very understanding, I love to live new experiences every day, meet different cultures and incredible people, I hope we have a very strong bond to fulfill all your fantasies and share many feelings.
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